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Create a sanctuary of comfort and style.
Crossville presents a collection of porcelain tiles that blend style and durability, promising to infuse your renovation with timeless elegance and enduring strength. Our products embody luxury and sophistication, ultimately transforming your home into a chic and functional living space. Homeowners have the power to curate beautiful, enduring environments that reflect their unique styles through the use of our expertly crafted tiles. Our diverse product line encompasses low-maintenance marble-look porcelain and resilient exterior finishes, ensuring both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

 Featured Residential Tile Collections

Seamlessly Blending Indoor into the Out with Crossville Tile

Check out the two newest collections: Marbilque and Trajectory.

 The Marbilque collection features revolutionary Visual Touch™ technology, capturing the rich, textural realism of natural marbles with unparalleled accuracy. On the other hand, the Trajectory collection redefines concrete-inspired flooring with enduring elegance and superior durability. Elevate your home with the charm of Marbilque and the beauty of Trajectory.

Available and stocked in the USA

All of Crossville's tile options are stocked in our own TN facilities, making them readily accessible in a matter of weeks, not months. Should we be out of stock on an item, our world-class procurement team provides accurate timelines, partnering with you to keep your project on time!

Finishing Touches

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Crossville's tile finishes are designed with the future in mind—offering aesthetically superior solutions that stand the test of time and use. Through our enhanced technical processes, we aim to minimize waste, ensuring our products contribute to cleaner, safer environments and boast an extended life-cycle. 

Tile over TIle

Our tile over tile approach streamlines renovations, minimizing disruption to business operations and saving time and money. 

Tile Over Tile 101

DCOF Standard

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction is a performance measure used by the North American tile industry and relates to traction and slipperiness on floors when a person walks on them.

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Enhanced Traction

Designed for spaces where enhanced traction is essential, Cross-Slate® offers unparalleled value for high-traffic areas, both indoors and outdoors.

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Carbon Reduction

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The A&D world specifies Crossville

For sustainable design, form, and function, architects and designers choose Crossville.

Project inspiration

Whether you’re building a LEED-certified hotel or designing your first carbon-neutral project, get inspired with these projects featuring Crossville tile, panels, and countertops.

Commercial Projects

Explore commercial tile, paneling, and countertop projects

Residential Projects

Crossville products can be found in homes all over the U.S.