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High traffic, Harsh conditions, high point loads? not a problem.

The Industrial Tile Series by Crossville is a culmination of over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of high performance porcelain tile. Crossville has supplied over 20 million square feet to various automotive, foodservice and industrial projects throughout the United States and Canada.

clinker-style Autopavers

Crossvilleʼs Clinker-style AutoPaver is a fully vitrified, 15mm thick porcelain tile produced and stocked in the United States. Clinker-style AutoPavers are resilient to high point loads and extreme temperatures making it ideal for your back of house and service bay areas. Partner it with our coordinating Cross-Colors Mingles series for a full trim package.


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cross-color mingles with cross-tech®

Cross-Tech® offers the utilitarian answers to the specific needs of those areas with the highest exposure.  These textures are an integral part of the tile and cannot be worn down.  Designed to coordinate with our Clinker-style AutoPavers, Crossvilleʼs Industrial Series can support any technical specification that is not only functional also blends beautifully with design application.


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Learn the differences of Cross-TRead & Quarry TIle

From reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls to contamination issues, flooring is not only the basis of your décor aesthetic, but it must also function as your health and safety foundation.

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Crossvilleʼs National Account Program is dedicated to the brand and the brandʼs network of partners. This network of franchisees, owners, contractors, installers and designers all play a pivotal role... and the entire network relies heavily on Crossville. This unique trust results in precise domestic supply chain management; reserved inventory; protected pricing and a product offering specific to the brandʼs needs. The partnership plays an important role in helping manage new program rollouts and refreshes. Let's talk about your business!