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Designing for Government projects? Our extensive line of porcelain floor and wall tiles are available to customers at GSA pricing.
Centrally located in Crossville, TN, we have an industry leading logistics system to ensure you get your tile when and where you need it, on time and on budget.

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For federal buyers, Crossville offers a wide variety of solutions on the GSA Schedule. Product Selection includes:

  • Porcelain Floor Tile

  • Porcelain Wall Tile 


Crossville Products are available to non-federal agencies under the 1GPA and Omnia Partners national contracts:


These types of organizations include:

  • Universities

  • Charter Schools

  • Community Colleges

  • K-12 Schools

  • Local Municipalities

  • State Government

  • Cities

  • Counties

Our First Carbon Neutral Tile

Civilization and Native Metal are the first carbon neutral tile collections from Crossville. But they won't be the last. As with all Crossville manufactured products, these collections are carefully and responsibly made in the USA. Still, they represent a significant first step toward achieving our current short-term goal of a 30% carbon footprint reduction.



Explore our handmade tile collections that are made in the USA. Whether you're searching for surfaces for a Government project, ensuring the quickest delivery, or striving to reduce a project’s environmental impact, Crossville tile has you covered.