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When you partner with Crossville, you get more than a tile solution. We have years of experience in the healthcare sector, supporting projects across the spectrum, from national hospital chains to regional practices and boutique facilities. Whether your plans include renovating or building new, Crossville’s specialized design support and readily available inventory will help move your project in an effortless, timely manner from start to finish.

With our expertise, we can offer flexible, customized solutions specific to your industry needs with better practices and efficiencies that will save you both money and time in the long run.

Combine Cleanliness & Elegance with Wall Tile 

In commercial environments, wall tile can be found almost anywhere, as it’s the surfacing material of choice for its durability, easy maintenance, and cleanability as well as its beauty. From playful pediatric hallways, to tranquil waiting rooms, wall tile enhances wellness without sacrificing style.

SURFACE SOLUTIONS for every space

We understand the needs unique to the healthcare industry and can offer custom surface solutions for every project, including floors, walls, ceilings, exteriors, and more. Durable and hypoallergenic, porcelain tile is a common-sense solution for healthcare spaces. Valued for its absence of harmful chemicals such as VOCs, PVC, formaldehyde, and plastic, our non-toxic porcelain surface is made of naturally occuring materials.

healthcare surface solutions for foyers, patient rooms and facilities

porcelain panel solutions

Both beautiful and functional, porcelain tile panels suits a breadth of applications, from patient room flooring, wall tiling, and lobby ceilings to exteriors and countertops. With a minimal profile, light weight, and wide range of colors and finishes, our surfaces can be used almost everywhere and customized to your specific design.

Additionally, low porosity of porcelain promotes a sanitary environment and stain resistance, and the large format surface allows for a seamless look with fewer grout joints. 

tile over tile application for healthcare facilities

easy, efficient installations

You can expect a seamless installation experience with Crossville, whether you’re undertaking a new build or renovation. With our cutting-edge tile over tile solution, you can install our porcelain tile panels directly over the existing surface to reduce construction time and minimize business interruption.

WHat our tile can do for you
We can find a custom solution for any project thanks to our wide range of product styles, with multiplecolorways
and sizing options. Browse our sustainable product line to see what our tile could do for you.

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