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One Partner From design to maintenance

Crossville provides seamless solutions from design to maintenance. We manufacture in the United States with a focus on sustainability and reducing the headaches that can come from using third-party suppliers or international manufacturing. Whether a single shopping mall, a chain of restaurants, or an automotive dealership group, Crossville has you covered with design, customer service, American manufacturing, and shipping to help your projects go smoothly from start to finish.

Automotive & INDUSTRIAL

Crossville is no stranger to automotive dealerships. We offer years of experience and a range of product solutions for both the showroom and back of house / service bay saving you time and money, via a single service provider. Clients include a broad array of brands and ownership groups.


healthcare surface solutions for foyers, patient rooms and facilities


We have years of experience in the healthcare sector, supporting projects across the spectrum, from national hospital chains to regional practices and boutique facilities. Whether your plans include renovating or building new, Crossville’s specialized design support and readily available inventory will help move your project in an effortless, timely manner from start to finish.

hotels, airbnbs, vrbo alike choose Crossville commercial-grade tile


Grand lobbies, elevator corridors, and guest rooms are just a few areas on-property where you can find Crossville. Our porcelain panels meet the demands of high activity spaces. Our masterfully made tile endures in the most walked on spaces. Even exteriors benefit from the beauty of Crossville tile. Meeting sustainability standards has made us a Marriot Sustainability Achiever and helped other properties achieve LEED certification. 

hotels, airbnbs, vrbo alike choose Crossville commercial-grade tile

Affordable and durable, our tile floor, wall, and countertop options are designed to withstand high-use and tenant turn over, yet are beautifully crafted to achieve optimal design aesthetics. Resistant to stains, mold, and bacteria, Crossville's Porcelain Stone® will add beauty while making your surfaces a cost-effective choice for common areas like clubhouses, leasing offices, and mailrooms, to even outdoor applications such as patios, pools, and parking areas.


Quick serve restaurants are a cornerstone in our National Accounts program, but we don’t stop there. From major global brands quick serve brands to upscale restaurants and regional/local chains, we can take care of tiled floor, wall and countertop needs, providing the logistical expertise these multi-unit projects demand. 


In a busy retail environment, every surface matters. Floors, walls, and countertops must be durable and simple to clean and maintain--all while offering proper slip-resistance and adding to the overall aesthetics of the space. Elevate the retail brand--and simplify the specification process--by partnering with Crossville Inc to identify the best surface solutions you need for retail projects 

Crossvilleʼs National Account Program is dedicated to the brand and the brandʼs network of partners. This network of franchisees, owners, contractors, installers and designers all play a pivotal role... and the entire network relies heavily on Crossville. This unique trust results in precise domestic supply chain management; reserved inventory; protected pricing and a product offering specific to the brandʼs needs. 

The partnership plays an important role in helping manage new program rollouts and refreshes. Let's talk about your business!

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