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Leader in Technological Advances 
We are committed to innovative, creative, and sustainable design solutions—rooted in technical mastery, designed for long-term function, and finished with style and beauty. Through enhanced technical processes we not only reduce waste, but also provide a cleaner, safer, and more excellent product with an extended product life-cycle.

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industrial-strength Crossville tile in commercial setting


Through a unique collaboration, Cross-Tread was developed in a joint effort between Crossville, Inc. and restaurant industry experts to specifically address traction concerns caused by common conditions such as moisture and grease​. Cross-Tread® surface pattern has become an optimal surface solution for high-traffic public areas not limited to restaurant's back-of-house, but also a car dealership's service bay areas, exterior walking surfaces especially around fountains and pools, warehouses, and more.

Cross-Tread® surface pattern also makes for an eye-catching option for transitional areas and for use as an accent tile.  Available in select sizes of the Cross-Colors Mingles® collection.

A Protective Finish

Cross-Sheen® , exclusively from Crossville, is an integrated finish that greatly enhances the protection of Crossville tile from the majority of scuffs, stains, and even most graffiti. By creating an advanced, easier-to-clean tile surface, Cross-Sheen® allows for fast removal of unsightly marks using only mild cleaner, resulting in hassle-free cleaning and long-term performance of your Crossville tile.

Custom, large-format cutting

As the first American ceramic tile manufacturer to offer large porcelain tile sizes, our customers enjoy custom sizing in all of our Crossville Porcelain Stone® products for design versatility. Depending on the individual product, we offer four possible plank widths and seven possible lengths (as well as half-plank sizes for select products)—all with no minimum order requirements and fast fulfillment. Please allow 2-4 weeks, based on availability.

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