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A Sustainable Coating

Imagine a tile that can defend its environment against contaminants, practically clean itself, and purify the atmosphere like a living, growing plant. This is Hydrotect™ by Crossville, a revolutionary, invisible coating that harnesses the power of light, water, and oxygen to create the best defense against dirt and pollution. Whether indoors or out, floors and walls stay cleaner, providing a superior experience in any space.

A Protective Finish

Cross-Sheen®, exclusively from Crossville, is an invisible, integrated finish that protects the look of nearly any Crossville tile from the defacing effects of scuffs and stains—even permanent marker and graffiti. By creating an advanced, easier-to-clean tile surface, Cross-Sheen allows for fast removal of unsightly marks using only mild cleaner, resulting in truly hassle-free installation, cleaning and long-term maintenance of your Crossville porcelain tile.

Custom, large-format cutting

As the first American ceramic tile manufacturer to offer large porcelain tile sizes, our customers enjoy custom sizing in all of our Crossville Porcelain Stone products for design versatility. Depending on the individual product, we offer four possible plank widths and seven possible lengths (as well as half-plank sizes for select products)—all with no minimum order requirements and fast fulfillment. Please allow 2-4 weeks, based on availability.

Speak with your Crossville sales rep for more information.

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