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Inspired by the natural stone from which it derives its name Bluestone features a field of soft earthen tones, enhanced by fossil-like impressions and the subtle pearlescence of embedded shells. In both natural and semi-polished finishes, Bluestone Porcelain Stone® tile imparts a classic, time-honored elegance to any space.

Designed for both commercial and residential installations, Bluestone contains a minimum of 4 percent recycled content and is manufactured in Crossville using processes that have been certified by Scientific Certification Systems.

It’s available in four colorways 

  • AV201 Colorado Buff  - 4% recycled content
  • AV202 Arizona Brown - 4% recycled content
  • AV203 Pennsylvania Blue - 20% recycled content
  • AV204 Vermont Black - 20% recycled content

Variety of sizes:

  • 24 x 24
  • 12 x 24
  • 6 x 24
  • 12 x 12
  • 6 x 6 field tile;
  • 2 x 2 Mosaic (natural finish only) 
  • 3 x 6 Mosaic (honed only) 
  • Random Mosaics using 2 x 2 , 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 tile with staggered joints (mixed finishes).
  • Single Bullnose
  • 6 x 12 Universal Cove Base
  • 6 x 8 Cove Base Left and Right Corner trim pieces complement the collection.




Because Bluestone is Porcelain Stone tile, it has unsurpassed durability, resists staining and scratching and will remain virtually maintenance free on floors, countertops and walls. Plus, mixing the finishes and sizes adds visual interest, and makes Bluestone ideal for a variety of commercial and residential environments, ranging from the rustic to the traditional to the cutting-edge contemporary.

Cross-Sheen finish for easy cleaning available on UPS only.

Installation Note:

All field tile is rectified and modular with a minimum 3mm grout joint.

Recommended Use:

Bluestone is recommended for interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications.  Bluestone is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving.  The honed tile is not recommended for wet areas where standing water may occur.  If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset of not greater than 33%. 

Wet area use for Bluestone 2x2 Mosaics

Crossville produces these products with the Cross-Sheen® finish.  The Acutest™ Wet Dynamic COF of Bluestone is equal to or greater than 0.50.  Their small 2x2 size ensures frequent grout joints which provides traction and drainage.

Crossville cannot control situations involving incorrect installation, improper slope to the drain for elimination of standing water and poor surface cleaning.

This information is provided so that customers may make a realistic and informed decision when comparing Bluestone to other tile products in wet area environments, such as residential/commercial bathrooms, showers, and interior pool decks.



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