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Refreshed transformation is just around the corner.

Are you looking to save time and money on your renovation projects, or are you desiring to achieve a more seamless look with fewer grout lines? Look no further than our large format porcelain tile panels. With down-time and maintenance as top concerns, especially in hospitality, healthcare, and multi-family projects, our porcelain tile panels can quickly transform a tired space into something eye-catching and fresh that will stand the test of time. The larger size of the tile combined with the thinner profile results in the possibility for tile over tile installations, and without tear out, reduced labor costs.

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Find out what the buzz is all about

Given that businesses have the ability to stay operational and experience less downtime, it’s no surprise that this trend has really taken hold in commercial and residential projects. Find out more benefits and why designers and installers are choosing porcelain tile panels. 
tile over tile application


Our large format panels can be installed over existing tile with just a little preparation. The advantages are numerous, from reducing wasted materials to reducing overall job costs. More advantages of tile over tile include:

  • No demolition
  • No disruption
  • Eliminates environmental, health, and sound contamination
  • Avoids abatement
  • Up to 95% grout reduction
  • Faster room turnover
  • Modern, clean aesthetic
tile over tile application
Big in size and potential

Measured in feet not inches, a single 1x3 meter panel can cover more than 30 square feet. Our panels are offered in two thicknesses to give you a lower profile with more installation options. Our 3+ tile panels are intended for vertical use only, while our 5.6mm can be installed on walls and floors. The advanced design and durability of the panels enable the aesthetic and functional use of tile in previously impossible applications.

See Tile Over Tile in Action

Learn about how our tile over tile installations can reduce down-time for interior floors, walls, and countertops. Our innovative porcelain tile panels offer a larger size, thinner profile, and fewer grout lines. Not to mention, sustainable and expertly designed to last a lifetime. 

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