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Crossville Inc. Booth at Coverings 2021

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Global Tile Trends presented by Lindsey Waldrep

July 7, 2021

Featuring Crossville's Lindsey Waldrep representing TCNA and the North American tile industry, this panel discussion brings together international tile experts to share the latest tile trends and preview where the industry is headed. This year's attendees learned about innovative designs, techniques, and materials from patterns to colors to geometry and size and how these trends transform the application and installation of tile in 2021 and beyond.

Global Tile Trends Recap

  1. That 70s Show – providing not only nostalgia and comfort but also creativity and play with lots of glossy, bold, and bright hues
  2. Bohemian spirit - the “other side” of the 70s style, more earth-inspired with natural elements
  3. Bio-Feel-‘Ya – much more than just bringing the outdoors in; truly embracing a love for all things natural
  4. Touch Points – all about texture and tactile experiences

Going to the Dogs — Dog House Donation

July 8, 2021

Each year, we enjoy the opportunity to contribute a tiled doghouse as part of the Tile Council of North America’s pavilion at Coverings, North America’s largest tile and stone expo. This year’s dog houses put a new spin on “going to the dogs” as these dog dwellings showcase tile’s extreme versatility and style.

Bringing signature style to Crossville’s doggie abode, this year’s dog house features our Cursive collection showcasing the beauty of shapes. With an incredible color combination of Oxblood, Soft Teal, Goldenrod and Iris, the sides of the house showcase the half circle demilune tile with corner options. The doorway also features the half circle demilune tiles abutting a standard brick pattern of 1 ½” x 3” field tiles. The roof again features the brick pattern in Oxblood outlined by the subtle Soft Teal. 

This year, five TCNA members generously supported the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando through the tiled doghouse program at Coverings. During the show, these one-of-a-kind, handmade creations were on display where attendees could see the craftsmanship firsthand. 

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