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A simpler, smarter, more transparent specification process

We’re fully transparent regarding our products' environmental impact and ingredient disclosure. We go the extra mile to attain third-party certification and verification, as well as optimization of EPDs, Declare Labels (100ppm and red list free), and our porcelain tile HPD. That’s our commitment to you.

 about LCA & EPD

LCA is the study of the impact of a product on the environment from sourcing through manufacture, distribution, use, removal/disposal and renewal (through recycling or other means). EPDs are individual product summaries, similar to nutrition labels on foods, that present a snapshot of key information gained from LCAs to allow designers and architects to clearly evaluate the sustainability of a particular product over its entire life cycle.

About HPd & Declare labels

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a report that gives consistent reporting on product contents and health information for products used in a built environment. The Declare Label ensures that there are no red list ingredients in our products. Red list ingredients are those considered hazardous by the International Living Future Institute.  


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