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Tile Trims & Molding

Trim and molding accents are the finishing touch to any tiled space. Learn about various tile trim and molding pieces and their applications.

Whenever you order from Crossville, Inc., you can add tile trim pieces as well. Each collection we offer will have various coordinating options and sizes for decorative trim, corner protection, and edging.


COVE BASE (universal, flat top)

This cove base has a finished, flat top. It can be used alone or with tile stacked on top. Exception: Color By Numbers and Swatches cove base have an unglazed, flat top. 



COVE BASE (standard, round top)

This cove base has a rounded finished top like bullnose and used in areas that will not have wall tile installed above it. 


Base molding

Base molding covers the joint between the wall and the flooring, providing a clean finished look for interior spaces. We offer coordinating tile base molding trim for many of our collections.



Bullnose trim is created with a rounded edge, providing seamless edges to tiled walls and showers. Its soft curves can also act as decorative trim pieces for accent walls. Bullnose trim is most often used in bathrooms and kitchen walls, on stair edging, and at the base of tiled wall in place of baseboards.



Chair rail molding is traditionally used to line a wall with a horizontal trim piece that, as its name implies, protects the wall from chair scuffs.



As base molding covers the joint between the wall and the flooring, crown molding covers the joint of walls and ceilings. Coordinating tile crown molding trim is great for kitchens and bathrooms where tile may reach floor to ceiling.



Trim liners help break up wall patterns, providing decorative accents. These are often used horizontally in kitchen backsplashes and in bathrooms. 
** The photos on this page are representations of only some of our trim. Please visit the collection pages for actual trim photography.

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