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Tile Sizes & Uniformity

Tile shapes and consistent uniformity in size make a big impact on design and installation. Learn about various sizing options and the importance of size uniformity.

Design versatility comes from limitless choices.

Crossville, Inc. offers a variety of sizing options for our customers, from standard wall tile sizes to large gauged porcelain tile panels.

Individual tiles

Crossville porcelain tile comes in a variety of options suitable for floors and walls. From small, 1x1-inch options to large-format sizes up to 48 inches. Many of Crossville’s products are available in plank options—just speak with your customer service or sales representative.


Mosaics can create beautiful backdrops and focal points for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. For installation ease, we offer pre-woven, mosaic sheets arranged in popular patterns. These save contractors time, making mounting and grouting more efficient.


We are the first American manufacturer to offer large, gauged porcelain tile panels. These gorgeous pieces create clean surfaces and fewer grout lines. They can even be installed over existing tile.

We offer all of our Crossville Porcelain Stone products in a variety of popular plank sizes for even greater design versatility. Depending on the individual product, we offer four possible plank widths and seven possible lengths (as well as much-requested half-plank sizes for select products)—all with no minimum order requirements and fast fulfillment.

Look out for the Get Planked symbol to see if your desired collection offers plank sizing.


When a tile product is manufactured inconsistently, it can be costly for a project, causing delays in installation from rework and resizing. We help architects and designers plan to perfection, and we help keep contractors on time thanks to uniform design and production.

To help with dependable uniformity, we offer calibrated and rectified tile.

  • Calibrated tile is tile that has been sorted to meet a pre-determined acceptance of variable range in size. Crossville recommends a minimum grout joint of 3/16 inch.
  • Rectifed tile is a tile that has had all edges mechanically finished to achieve a more precise facial dimension. Crossville recommends a minimum grout joint of 3 mm.

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