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Responsible sourcing and production

Local sourcing

Since our founding, we've always focused on responsible manufacturing and sourcing—long before it was a trend to be green. From our clay and raw materials for tile, to our trucks, packaging, and printing, we acquire what we need to make (and market) our products from within 350 miles of operation.

Local sourcing not only lets builders and designers create LEED-certified projects, but it stimulates our regional and domestic economy. As a family-owned business, we value the impact our sourcing choices make on our local and regional communities, and the environment.

EcoCycle™ production

As a leading tile manufacturer in the United States, we understand the importance of responsible production and economic practices.

Crossville has earned Green Squared® certification from the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) for its entire U.S.-manufactured porcelain product line-up, as well as its manufacturing processes.

Thanks to our stringent recycling processes and the Tile Take-Back program, the volume of recycled content we accept and process exceeds the volume of finished goods Crossville ships, and therefore reduces the amount of raw materials we extract from the earth for use in manufacturing. We even welcome other tile manufacturers in the U.S. to join us.

Every piece of tile we produce is made with at least 4% pre-consumed, recycled content (with some products using over 20%). Tiles are produced with clean, recycled water to lessen the demand of new materials and our water supply. This has allowed us to become a net consumer of waste, and more importantly, allows you to enjoy beautiful tile while helping to save our most precious resources.

Recognized as a leader in sustainability

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