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As unique as your penmanship, Cursive’s unique tile shapes bring signature style to
your interior design. Let walls be your memoir as you write with the eclectic colors and
shapes of Cursive. Punctuate spaces with light and dark colors. Craft an epic tile tale
with our handmade variation that lends design depth and promises to wow.
Each Cursive tile has a handmade appearance with a watercolor effect around the
edges. Nine trending colors, including notable hues of Iris, Goldenrod, and Rose Gold.
Create unique and inspiring patterns with Cursive’s triangle tile, circle tile, half circle
demilune tile, and more. Coordinating corner options are available to frame the circles
and demilunes. Cursive is offered in 3”x6” and 3”x12” rectangles, 6” squares, 6”
triangles, as well 4” circles and 2” demilunes. A 1 ½” x 6” trim piece with finished edges
on short and long sides complete the offering.

To try your hand at Cursive, visit our Cursive Pattern Visualizer.

Cursive tiles are manufactured to appear handmade and will have inherent, intentional variations that occur in size, thickness, flatness, color, and width from grout joint to grout joint.

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