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Technical Information

Our tile panels are offered in two thicknesses to give you more installation options. Our 3+ tile panels are intended for wall use only, while our 5.6mm can be installed on walls and floors.

Laminam 3+
3+ tile panels are made up of the basic tile panel with the structure reinforced with fiberglass matting applied on the back using special adhesive.
Thickness: 3mm plus .5mm fiberglass mesh.

Laminam 5.6mm
5.6mm tile panels are made out of the basic tile panel without reinforcing mesh, thickness 5.6mm.

We offer comprehensive resources to help you specify and install with confidence.

Installation Training Videos

Installation matters! Turn to us for training and tips to ensure your Crossville porcelain tile products are installed accurately. In addition to the resources offered here, we regularly support workshops around the country. We make it a priority to provide contractors with the knowledge and know-how to successfully install this increasingly popular material.


The impact our panels can make on your next project is a result of their functionality and durability. With applications ranging from facades to wall and floor coverings, furnishing surfaces, and even tile over tile applications, the versatility of our panels creates endless design possibilities for you.

Building sector

Interior floor and wall coverings, partition and storage walls, false ceilings, surface finishes and restoration, insulated panels and tunnels.

Exterior Facades
Offers both aesthetic appeal and structural functionality, is graffiti resistant and appropriate for many environments, and is engineered for utility savings due to thermal mass advantages.

Interior design

Surfaces of kitchen and bathroom tops, cupboards, tables, desks, doors and furnishings in general.

Shipbuilding sector

The lightness and high technical properties of Laminam make it suitable for walls of cruise ships and sports crafts.

Composite and structural panels / Tile  over tile

The tile panels can be placed on top of each other or over other materials to create extremely light and particularly resistant composite and structural panels suitable in cases that require high resistance and reduced weight load on the surface.

View our Porcelain Panel Tile Application Documentation for technical installation information and requirements.


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