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 Deck your walls with gorgeous wall tile from Crossville

Long known for incredible, long lasting, high-fashion porcelain floor tile, Crossville also offers an array of wall tile! Glazed ceramics, metals, stone, and glass can offer walls high endurance and high glamour.  Get festive with fast changes to your kitchen or bath. Create commercial spaces that glimmer and shine. Or ring in the new year with down to earth, natural touches.  With 3 all new collections, 2 updated collections, and an array of ever inspiring choices, raise your glass and celebrate with joy!  

Santa-Approved Subway Options

Ring in new traditions with subway tile. Stay simple with enduring 3x6 options; go big with 4x8; or stretch it out with 4x12 wall tiles. This historic look is oh so modern when you get creative! Whether stacked, offset, run vertically, or in a herringbone, subway tiles are forever timeless, and forever chic!

Ho-Ho Hex We Go!

Hexagons are a perfect way to bring geometric interests to your wall. While Crossville’s floor tiles offer smaller mosaic hexagons that can be used on walls, larger hexes make a big statement – even in smaller spaces. Look for hexes with a natural stone feel, rustic style, or metallic accents to bring silver (and gold) into your favorite spaces.

Shinybrite® Circles

Need this festive feeling all year long? Look no further than circular glazed wall tile. Whether in candy-colors or traditional black and white, these reflective tiles will have you nostalgic for the holidays any time of year.

Available and stocked in the USA

All of Crossville's wall tile options are stocked in our own TN facilities, making them readily accessible in a matter of weeks, not months. Should we be out of stock on an item, our world-class procurement team provides accurate timelines, partnering with you to keep your project on time!

Wow Your Walls with Wall Tile from Crossville

Fashionably Functional

                      Whether glazed porcelain and ceramic, glass, stone, metal, or a mix of materials, Crossville offers a complete assortment of wall tile that will wow your space. 

A variety of Styles

From bold and bright to classic and neutral, Crossville offers a variety of colors in squares, rectangles, circles, and hexes to ensure walls are wow!

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Highly durable

Wall tile is as durable as it is beautiful. Paint and wall paper can’t compare to the everlasting looks of ceramic, glass, or stone wall tile. 

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Superior cleanability

Wall tile is easy to clean! A few swipes with your favorite household cleaner, and you are done! Even stuck-on substances are easy to remove from wall tiles.

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The A&D world specifies Crossville

For sustainable design, form, and function, architects and designers choose Crossville.

Project inspiration

Whether you’re building a LEED-certified hotel or designing your first carbon-neutral project, get inspired with these projects featuring Crossville tile, panels, and countertops.

Commercial Projects

Explore commercial tile, paneling, and countertop projects

Residential Projects

Crossville products can be found in homes all over the U.S.