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What gives your project structure? The perfect canvas where you can create your vision. Crossville’s Structure™ Porcelain Stone® Tile provides the perfect backdrop for bold expressions in design. 

Taking its cue from the minimalist movement, this contemporary collection is inspired by concrete and stone. The 5 colors are made in the USA and feature a minimum of 4% recycled content.  Offered in larger format, rectified tile, Structure may be used in modular patterns or planked as part of the Get Planked® program.

Bring Structure to your next project’s interior floors and walls or exterior walls and watch your design take form.


  • Gypsum - 4% recycled content
  • Sandstone - 4% recycled content
  • Shale - 20% recycled content
  • Timber - 20% recycled content
  • Basalt - 20% recycled content

Tile Sizes (Available in all colors - AV224 Timber shown)

Installation Note:

All field tile is rectified and modular with a minimum 3mm grout joint.  If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville® recommends an offset of not greater than 33 percent.

Recommended Use: Structure is recommended for interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications.  Structure is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving.



MSDS - Structure

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Fact Sheet - Structure

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