Cities speak in wood, stone and concrete, and Crossville listens.

Reclamation is a porcelain tile collection by Crossville created with digital production technology.  With its urban influences and appearance, Reclamation echoes the comeback spirit of reclaimed materials and revitalized cities.

The line's four distinct colors - Whiskey Lullaby, Cotton Exchange, Steel City and Tobacco Road - are comprised of a mix of wood and concrete looks blended to capture an 'industrial chic' look that's versatile- and modern with a hint of nostalgia.  These hues are interpreted in substanial 12  x 24 and 24 x 24 sizes, along with a 6 x 24 etching accent that gives a nod to graffiti art.

Appropriately, Reclamation is manufactured in the US with a minimum 4% recycled content.  The line's superior technical properties make it suitable for commercial and residential use on interior floors and walls, as well as exterior vertical surfaces.  Its urban glam style is sure to bring an industrial evolution to contemporary decor.

Product Variation

This product is manufactured as 24 x 24 with a mix of wood and concrete looks in each color.  The 12 x 24 size is cut from the larger format therefore increasing the variation.



Etchings - available in 6 x 24 size

Etching shown are cut from 3 different large designs, resulting in a random visual.  Individual pattern / graphic may not be specified.




Sizes Available:



Recommended Use

Reclamation is recommended for interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications.   Reclamation is not recommeded for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving.  If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset of not greater than 33%.



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