Main Street



Main Street is also available in popular plank shapes.
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  • Contemporary color palette
  • Neutral colors enhanced by subtle stone look
  • Extremely durable for long-lasting beauty
  • High COF and low maintenance ideal for commercial settings

Tile Sizes (Available in all colors - AV213 Bistro Brown shown)

Installation Notes:

If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset of not greater than 33 percent.

Crossville recommends a 3/16 to 1/4 inch grout joint.

Wet Area Usage:


Crossville produces the Main Street with the Cross-Sheen® finish. The AcuTest™ wet Dynamic COF is equal to or greater than 0.66. Their small 2 x 2 size ensures frequent grout joints and provides traction and drainage.

Crossville cannot control situations involving incorrect installation, improper slope to the drain for elimination of standing water and poor surface cleaning.

This information is provided so that customers may make a realistic and informed decision when comparing Main Street  Mosaics to other tile products in wet area environments, such as residential / commercial bathrooms, showers and interior pool decks.

Crossville recommends an 3/16 inch grout joint for mosaics.




Performance Data Chart

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