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Crossville® is proud to introduce the newly updated Empire series, which has all the timeless appeal of the original Empire series, with new features and benefits designed to make it a bestseller well into the new decade.

With a design echoing the grandeur of 19th century France and the look and feel of natural marble, Empire combines tradition with technology to offer an elegant, virtually maintenance-free solution for floors, countertops, and walls.

Each color in the series was painstakingly created to give the appearance of natural stone using a blend of complementary shades and tones. The moderate color variation from tile to tile mirrors that which is found in nature, with just enough range to create visual interest.

A variety of sizes, from mosaics to large format tiles, and polished and unpolished finishes add to Empire's versatility, and its performance is legendary. Because it is Porcelain Stone®, it has unsurpassed durability, resists staining and scratching and will remain beautiful for years to come.

Not only will the beauty of Empire last a lifetime, so will its environmental legacy. Empire is manufactured in a sustainable manner and contains 20% recycled content, certified by Scientific Certification Systems

The Empire Mosaics are available in a mixed finish of unpolished and polished (UP/PO).

Installation Note: 

Crossville recommends a minimum 4mm grout joint



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