Hydrotect by Crossville


Easy Cleaning

Imagine an exterior façade that cleans naturally with water saving you maintenance costs. Unlike most surfaces, Hydrotect™ by Crossville® won’t allow water to bead up on its surface. Its virtually invisible coating is hydrophilic so it attracts water molecules that form a fine film on the tile. The film reduces adhesion of dust particles and helps stop oily dirt from sticking—inside and out. Even without water, the surface’s anti-static properties resist dirt and other fine particles. Hydrotect by Crossville also degrades algae so it cleans naturally without toxic chemicals that can harm the environment.

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Air Purifying

Hydrotect™ by Crossville® purifies interior and exterior air by reducing greenhouse gasses and environmental pollutants. When exterior walls coated with Hydrotect by Crossville are exposed to light, nitrogen oxides produced by exhaust fumes and smoke break down into harmless nitrates. In fact, a 10,000 square-foot area of tiles can clean the air as effectively as 70 deciduous trees or green space the size of four tennis courts.

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Hydrotect™ by Crossville® can break down microorganisms. Hydrotect’s anti–microbial* metals minimize the bacteria that cause odors and stains. In third-party testing, Hydrotect reduced Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by 99% or more according to a study by Dresden University, Germany. These anti-microbial,* anti-mold and anti-mildew capabilities help keep the air and the environment cleaner and healthier without harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.

*This product is currently under review by EPA. Data and information herein have not yet been evaluated and approved by the EPA. Information is based on 3rd party tesing per ISO standards. Photocatalyst products are not designed to protect users from disease causing bacteria or replace good cleaning/maintenance practices.