Hydrotect by Crossville

Hydrotect by Crossville

Hydrotect™ by Crossville®, our latest surface solution, can reduce maintenance costs, increase cleanliness and safety, and provide yet another green solution from America's leader in innovative tile design and manufacturing.

From corporate to healthcare and hospitality to retail, architects and designers count on Crossville to deliver the distinctly American design aesthetic with American-made ingenuity.

Hydrotect by Crossville's revolutionary invisible coating harnesses the power of light, water and oxygen to create the best offense and defense against dirt, pollution and bacteria on any ceramic surface, walls or floors, indoors or outdoors.

  • Cleaner - resists and reduces adhesion of dust particles, oil and dirt
  • Greener - decreases greenhouse gasses and other environmental pollutants
  • Smarter - utilizes anti-microbial* metals to minimize the bacteria that cause odors and stains

Crossville’s proprietary process uses a hybrid photocatalyst coating containing nontoxic titanium dioxide. Applied in a secondary high temperature firing process, it stays on the surface and does not wash or wear off.

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*This product is currently under review by EPA. Data and information herein have not yet been evaluated and approved by the EPA. Information is based on 3rd party tesing per ISO standards. Photocatalyst products are not designed to protect users from disease causing bacteria or replace good cleaning/maintenance practices.