Limestone Midnight


AV235 Midnight

Made in the USA


Applications Interior Floors Exterior Floors Interior Walls Exterior Walls Countertops
Kitchen x x x
Bath x x x
Entryway x x x x
Living Area x x x x
Light Comm x x x x
Restaurants x x x x
Retail x x x x
Institutions x x x x
Mass Transit x x x x


Size Actual Size Thickness Cross-Sheen® (UPS)
2 x 4147 x 9710.5x
3 x 6272 x 14710.5x
3 x 6 Rhomboid394 x 16110.5x
8 x 82197 x 19710.5x
8 x 162197 x 39710.5x
16 x 162397 x 39710.5x
16 x 244397 x 59710.5x
1These skus have a rustic tumbled appearance.
The 2 x 4 Tumbled Mosaics are sheet mounted on 11 3/4 x 12 3/4 sheets.
2All field tile is rectified and modular with a 3mm grout joint.
3Each piece is approximately 0.085 square feet. 12 pieces equal approximately 1.0134 square feet with a 3mm grout joint.
4All field tile is rectified and modular with a 3mm grout joint. If offset pattern is required for tiles 18 inches or longer, Crossville recommends an offset pattern not greater than 33%.

Coordinating Trim

Trim Name         Size Actual Size Thickness Surface
Bullnose4 x 2496 x 59710.5Cross-Sheen®


Static Coefficient of Friction Dry Wet
Cross-Sheen® (UPS) >= 0.8 >= 0.6  

Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Range
Cross-Sheen® (UPS) 0.42 - 0.52