Color Blox Mosaics




A Celebration of Color

A deep gray sky with brushstrokes of clouds and a whisper of moonlight. The sweet warmth of a perfectly roasted marshmallow. A big blue bow on the front door, joyfully announcing a new arrival.

Drawing upon nature, the senses, memory, and emotion, Color Blox Mosaics are a celebration of the richness color brings to everyday life.

Remember When

Certain colors are part of our collective memory; their shades like a familiar face in an ever-changing landscape. Color Blox Mosaics perfectly blend the comfort of the old with the excitement of the new to create colors we've seen before, but never quite like this. Designed with coordination in mind, Color Blox Mosaics continue the color revolution that started with Color Blox large unit tiles.

A Common Language

Color. Color and fashion. Color with style. This is the common language shared by Crossville® and Bentley Prince Street, two leading floorcovering manufacturers who are collaborating to provide a color story to architects, designers and homeowners. With color as an inspiration, Crossville's Color Blox and Color Blox Mosaics are designed to coordinate with multiple Bentley Prince Street Products. The teaming of these two flooring leaders' products will inspire our clients and help them to easily create new visions by combining carpet and Porcelain Stone® tile into seamless color stories.

Color Power

While Color Blox Mosaics are a new idea, the science of color and feeling is not. We've long recognized its power to motivate, to inspire, to soothe. As author John Sterling mused,"Color answers the feeling in man," and with 20 colors from which to choose, you can infuse your design with just the right sentiment.

From the whimsical childhood recollections evoked by Caboose and Limeade to the tranquil reflections of a Day at the Beach, there is a Color Blox Mosaic to elevate the mood of any space.

  • Subtle variations in texture and shading add visual interest
  • Made of Porcelain Stone® for strength and durability
  • Each color coordinates with at least 2-3 other colors
  • Designed to coordinate with Bentley Prince Street carpet
  • Cross-Sheen® finish for easy cleaning
  • Available only from Crossville
  • 20 fresh, contemporary colors
  • Each 3 x 3 mosaic is Dot-Mounted onto a 11 7/8 x 11 7/8 sheet.

Color Blox Mosaics is recommended for interior floors, walls, and countertops and exterior walls in both commercial and residential applications.


NOTE: Wet area use for Color Blox Mosaics.

Crossville produces the Color Blox Mosaics with the Cross-Sheen® finish. The AcuTest™ wet Dynamic COF is equal to or greater than 0.50. Their small 3 x 3 size ensures frequent grout joints and provides traction and drainage.

Crossville cannot control situations involving incorrect installation, improper slope to the drain for elimination of standing water and poor surface cleaning.

This information is provided so that customers may make a realistic and informed decision when comparing Color Blox Mosaics to other tile products in wet area environments, such as residential / commercial bathrooms, showers and interior pool decks. 

Crossville recommends an 1/8 inch grout joint.

Color Blox Mosaic Patterns

With Color Blox Mosaic patterns you can create a permanent work of art. The design possibilities are endless. Create an area rug or a wall-to-wall sensation. Any pattern from Celtic plaids and tapestries to basket weaves and argyle designs-or your own masterful creation-can be achieved with the unique, 3-inch tiles. And with a wide selection of colors, the Mosaics Series will allow you to personalize your pattern to blend beautifully with any decor.

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